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Advanced AM Radio

A revolution in AM radio broadcasting

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Unmatched Signal Quality

Say goodbye to signal degradation and hello to crystal-clear broadcasts. Quantum Wave offers exceptional signal stability over long distances, ensuring your audience enjoys a consistent and immersive listening experience. No more fading signals or frustrating interference—just pure audio perfection. Say goodbye to atmospheric disruptions, electrical noise, and geographic obstacles that hinder traditional AM transmissions. With our technology, your broadcasts remain strong, delivering uninterrupted content to your loyal listeners.


Cost-effective Brilliance

Quantum Wave technology offers a cost-effective solution to expand your coverage. No need for expensive tower installations or power upgrades. Leverage the power of Quantum Wave transmission and reach new audiences with minimal infrastructure investments.

  • Smaller footprint. Smaller transmission towers can cover the same broadcast area. For example, an existing 200 ft. metal tower can be replaced with a smaller 40 ft. fiberglass tower to reach the same broadcast area.

  • Lower maintenance costs. Smaller, fiberglass towers are less expensive to install and maintain than taller traditional metal structures.

Reliability Redefined

Prepare for the unexpected. When emergencies strike or disruptions occur, ensure vital information reaches your audience seamlessly. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a backup and redundancy system, ready to safeguard your broadcasts when it matters most. Since our Advanced AM radio technology does not rely on satellites and is impervious to EMP, it’s the ideal solution for national-scale emergency broadcast systems.

Join the ranks of visionary broadcasters who are reshaping the future of radio. Embrace unparalleled coverage, lower operational costs, unrivaled signal quality, and unmatched reliability.

Our Advanced AM Radio solution provides substantial benefits over traditional AM broadcast technology:

  • A higher quality signal over existing AM transmission

  • Improved signal propagation. Our radio technology is not susceptible to skywave interference, allowing 24-hour broadcast operation.

  • Lower power requirements. The same broadcast market can be reached with 1/10th the power. (Performance estimates based on 1710 kHz system tests).

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