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Quantum Wave empowers eLORAN applications for unmatched precision and reliability

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Extended Range

Quantum Wave systems propagate along the Earth’s surface, allowing them to cover long distances with minimal attenuation. This characteristic enables extended ranges compared to traditional radio wave propagation methods. Our technology provides reliable navigation signals over vast areas, making it suitable for deep-water maritime and land-based applications.


Transmission Towers, Quantum Wave Research and Development Facility

Resistance to Interference

Unlike traditional Norton or lateral ground wave systems, our technology is less susceptible to common sources of interference such as electromagnetic noise, atmospheric conditions, and geographical obstacles. This resilience enhances the robustness of our eLORAN systems, ensuring consistent and reliable positioning and navigation information in challenging environments.

Low Frequency Operation

Since we operate in the low-frequency spectrum, typically below 100 kHz, our technology allows for improved signal penetration through various obstacles, including buildings, foliage, and rough terrain. This capability makes Quantum Wave ideal for providing accurate positioning and timing information in urban and densely populated areas.

Cost Effective

Implementing Quantum Wave eLORAN is generally more cost-effective than other high-precision navigation systems. It has much lower infrastructure requirements compared to satellite-based systems like GPS, reducing installation and maintenance costs. This affordability makes Quantum Wave eLORAN an attractive option for regions or industries where cost considerations are significant.

All of these benefits make Quantum Wave eLORAN a valuable addition to the navigation toolkit, ensuring reliable positioning, timing, and navigation services in a variety of challenging environments. Embrace extended range, conquer interference, and enjoy the cost-effective advantages that are reshaping the eLORAN landscape.

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