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Wireless Energy 

Quantum Wave is working to deliver a new wireless technology that can safely and efficiently transmit electrical energy anywhere around the world.

Wireless Energy

We believe that unleashing the physical connection between power generation and consumption will achieve a breakthrough in the energy industry similar to what wireless communications have done for the transfer of information.

Quantum Wave has expanded Tesla’s original vision of wireless energy with very promising results. Wireless transmission of electricity is not only a possibility, it’s a present reality.

Tesla Wireless Energy


Quantum Wave is designed to deliver wireless energy from wherever  power is generated, to anywhere power is needed. Our solutions eliminate the cost, complexity and geographical barriers associated with traditional wired infrastructures.  

Wireless Energy

Advanced AM Radio

Our radio transmission technology provides substantial improvements over traditional AM radio broadcasts. Quantum Wave replaces outdated radio transmitters with a new technology that provides unmatched signal quality, new levels of reliability and dramatically reduced power consumption.


Quantum Wave transmission systems propagate along the Earth’s surface, allowing them to cover long distances with minimal attenuation. This characteristic enables extended ranges compared to traditional radio wave propagation methods. Our technology provides reliable navigation signals over vast areas, making it suitable for deep water maritime and land-based applications, as well as positioning, timing and navigation.

Wireless Energy

Launching a new era of energy access and mobility.

Wireless Energy
Abstract Background

Quantum Wave
 An unparalleled wireless energy transmission and distribution platform.

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