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Wireless energy for everyone. Everywhere.

Quantum Wave® is developing a new wireless technology designed to transmit and receive commercial scale electricity over vast distances, efficiently, safely and reliably.

Utilizing any power generation source, in any location, we're working to deliver wireless energy wherever its needed, eliminating the cost, complexity and geographical barriers of traditional wired infrastructures.  

Quantum Wave Wireless Energy


Quantum Wave Wireless Energy


Our technology is designed to transmit ultra long distances over virtually any geography, including mountains, deserts and oceans, with signals that are unaffected by lightning, geomagnetic disturbances, solar flares or electromagnetic pulses (EMP).

Our solutions are ideal for new, more secure wireless grid deployments, and for powering critical infrastructure including communications, healthcare, IT, emergency services, transportation and defense.
Wireless electrical transmission means lower deployment and maintenance costs over traditional high-tension wired infrastructures.

With systems designed to transmit hundreds, even thousands of kilometers without the need for intermittent relays or beam refocusing, deployment costs are minimized. Wireless transmission means accessing new power sources, expanding grid capacity and security, and lowering the cost of electricity.

Quantum Wave Wireless Energy

Environmentally Friendly

Our systems are designed to transmit from any location, which provides unprecedented access to renewables, and other remote or stranded sources of clean energy. 

With wireless transmission, there's no need to disrupt the earth by cutting access roads to construct  metal power line towers, or mine  the natural resources needed to create them.  Forest fires started by downed power lines are eliminated.  Quantum Wave unlocks the potential for a green, clean energy future.
Quantum Wave Wireless Energy


Our transmission technology has been independently tested by a leading US Department of Energy laboratory, and is non-ionizing, safe for all living things and physical structures. We are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission, and operate our transmitters strictly within Federally approved frequency and power level guidelines. Best industry practices that ensure operational safety is our number one priority.
Quantum Wave Wireless Energy


- 1904-

Quantum Wave

- Present Day -

" my system, you should free yourself of the idea that there is radiation, that energy is radiated. It is not radiated, it is conserved.”

                                               -Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was the first to advance the idea of wireless energy transmission.  Quantum Wave is expanding his original concept of long range electrical transmission with its advanced wave guide technology.

The ultimate in energy access
and mobility

Quantum Wave®

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