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Re-Imagining the Movement of Energy

“What has been achieved thus far with electricity is nothing compared with what the future has in store.”
- Nikola Tesla, 1915

Nikola Tesla was first to advance the concept of wireless electrical transmission. Unfortunately, his vision of global wireless power was never fully realized during his lifetime because of political and economic barriers.

Today, Quantum Wave has expanded Tesla’s original vision of wireless energy transmission with very promising results. Wireless transmission of electricity is not only a possibility, it’s a present reality.

Quantum Wave is working to provide any region of the world with electricity without the limitations of traditional wired infrastructures, regardless of geographical or environmental barriers. Such life-sustaining technology will bring new economic development opportunities to nations. For the first time, countless individuals will have access to light and the transformative power of electricity.

Ultimately, our goal is to power automobiles, ships, trains, aircraft, virtually any type of transportation system with clean, abundant wireless energy. Through extended application of our technology, cell phones and other mobile devices could operate indefinitely, without ever needing to be recharged with a wired charger, regardless of location or duration of use.

Together with MAD Energy, Quantum Wave is designed to re-shape the value chain of global electricity production and distribution. Our vision is aligned with Nikola Tesla’s original vision: clean, abundant and safe wireless energy for everyone. Everywhere.

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Global Power Requirements

Driven by hyperscale computing, AI,  electrified transportation, and all the other growing demands of an energy hungry, connected world, estimates indicate we will be consuming more than 75,000 terawatt hours of electricity globally by 2050.  The wired grid cannot keep pace with this demand. This dramatic rise in global power consumption dictates new and innovative methods of power delivery.


Transformative Technology

Today there are more than 2 billion people that don't have reliable access to electricity. Our technology is designed to deliver electricity to regions of the world that have previously existed in darkness. Access to power means access to water, farming,  and economic renewal. Access to power transforms human lives.

Access to Renewables

Wind, solar and other renewable sources of energy produce megawatts of  power.  But power generation is only half the equation.  This energy must also be transmitted and distributed.  Unfortunately, many of these otherwise productive renewable sources of energy remain underutilized because many segments of today's grid don't  have the available capacity to transmit the extra power. Wireless energy transmission solves this problem.

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