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Solutions that Shape the Future of Energy Transmision

Connecting Dots

More than one billion people have never seen or experienced electricity and another two billion have seen electricity but don’t have reliable access to this life sustaining resource.

Quantum Wave is working to provide any region of the world with electricity without the limitations of traditional wired infrastructures, regardless of geographical or environmental barriers.

Violet Stars

Transformative Technology

It’s time for our world to unplug. Imagine driving your electric vehicle with unlimited range, or never again having to plug in your mobile device to recharge its batteries. Our technology is designed to deliver electricity to regions of the world that have previously existed in darkness, transforming economies, transforming lives.

Global Reach

Quantum Wave is designed to deliver power to any region of the planet, without wires. Our proprietary transmission technology spans oceans, mountains, deserts virtually any geographical barrier.

Economic and Technical Impacts

Wireless energy means there are no expensive wired infrastructures to implement and maintain, saving vast amounts of money and natural resources. Access to power spawns economic renewal and technological transformation.

Global Power Requirements

We live in an energy hungry, data-driven world. Estimates indicate we will be consuming more than 75,000 terawatt hours globally by 2050. This dramatic rise in global power consumption dictates new and innovative methods of power delivery.

Access to Renewables

Wind, solar and other renewable sources of energy produce megawatts of available power.  But power generation is only half the equation.  This energy must also be transmitted and distributed over the existing grid.  Unfortunately, many of these otherwise productive renewable sources of energy remain underutilized because today's grid simply doesn't  have the available capacity to transmit the extra power.

Connecting Dots

What's needed is a new, technologically advanced method of wireless power transmission and distribution.

Power Transmission

Advanced AM Radio


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