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Quantum Wave® redefines
the movement of energy

Advanced Wave Guide Technology

Quantum Wave  is advancing  Nikola Tesla’s  vision of commercial scale wireless energy.  With technology protected by more than 900 US and international patents, Quantum Wave is developing wireless systems designed to transmit electricity safely, reliably and efficiently over vast distances.

Terrestrial long range energy transmission is enabled through our proprietary wave guide technology. This wave guide produces a directional electromagnetic path that allows energy to be transmitted long distances without the losses associated with typical Hertzian radiation. Electrical energy coupled into the generated Quantum Wave guide travels very efficiently with minimal signal loss.

The wave guide is excited by a point or line source located near the interface.  Enabled by complex phase functions, the wave  propagates along the surface, with a parallel electrical field and a perpendicular magnetic field. The wave decays exponentially with distance from the source but can travel long distances before the amplitude is significantly reduced.

For example, Quantum Wave has  successfully transmitted its wave guide more than 750 miles - with greater than 90% efficiency* - from a single tower, without repeaters or any type of periodic beam refocusing. This is a remarkable achievement in radio wave propagation, and forms the basis of product commercialization currently underway.

QW tower1.png

Transmission towers launch the wave guide from anywhere power can be generated. Then, wireless receivers are placed anywhere power is needed. For example, a transmission tower can be placed next to a remote natural gas power generation plant in the western US. Through Quantum Wave technology now in development, that energy may soon be able to be transmitted directly to receivers on the east coast, or any other location in North America.


As a key benefit, our technology is  unaffected by lightning, geomagnetic disturbances, solar flares or electromagnetic pulses (EMP) such as those generated by a nuclear blast. And unlike traditional electrical distribution systems dependent on wires and transformers that are vulnerable to physical attack and to cascading failures during peak power usage, our systems are designed to be virtually impervious to these threats.


Unlike microwave or laser-based energy transfer (which can sometimes be harmful), our signals are transmitted at the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum, and are non-ionizing - completely safe for all living things and structures.

Quantum Wave provides a new means of safe, clean, and efficient power delivery regardless of the generated power source. Our systems are designed to transmit electricity generated from solar, geothermal, wind, natural gas, clean coal, hydroelectric, nuclear and hydrogen power plants.


Also, wireless energy transmission provides unprecedented access to renewable energy sources in remote locations, such as wind farms in the mountains, solar farms  in the deserts, or stranded natural gas pools that can't be reached with traditional wired infrastructure.

Together with its parent company MAD Energy, Quantum Wave is designed to re-shape the value chain of global electricity production and distribution.

*Quantum Wave uses NIST traceable measuring instruments to collect all performance metrics. National Institute of Standards and Technology, US Department of Commerce.

“I gave to the world a wireless system of potentialities far beyond anything before conceived.  I made explicit and repeated statements that I contemplated transmission, absolutely unlimited as to terrestrial distance and amount of energy.  But, altho I have overcome all obstacles which seemed in the beginning unsurmountable and found elegant solutions of all the problems which confronted me, yet, even at this very day, the majority of experts are still blind to the possibilities which are within easy attainment."  

-Nikola Tesla -The “True Wireless,” Electrical Experimenter, May 1919.

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