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A New Era Of Energy Access And Mobility

Quantum Wave is a subsidiary of MAD Energy, LP (MAD Energy). In its start-up phase, Quantum Wave will be receiving financial and operational support from MAD Energy. Initiated by investments in clean, large-scale transitional energy infrastructure and fulfilled by the research and development of next-generation energy technologies, MAD Energy is reviving and surpassing the ideas and achievements of the legacy energy value chain.

Through Quantum Wave, MAD is managing the installation, maintenance, and repair of apparatus for distributing and supplying electricity.


Quantum Wave is positioned at the forefront of energy innovation. We continuously invest in research and development to enhance our technologies for the ultimate in energy access and mobility, exceeding evolving industry standards and emerging energy needs.


Our company is comprised of experts in tech, energy, physics, mathematics, RF engineering and finance. Decades of combined experience include successful commercial deployments in telecommunications, LNG and alternative energy production, broadcast transmission, data compression technologies and digital signaling, among other key disciplines.

Contact us today to learn more about our groundbreaking solutions and to join our global journey in energy transformation. Together, we can create a clean, abundant and sustainable energy future.

Our Ecosystem

Quantum Wave Ecosystem
Primary MAD Energy Logo.png

Initiated by investments in clean, large scale transitional energy infrastructure and fulfilled by the research and development of next-generation energy technologies, MAD Energy is reviving and surpassing the ideas and achievements of the legacy energy value chain. MAD Energy is currently deploying large scale, clean energy infrastructure projects for emerging markets and regions of the world experiencing supply and demand imbalances. Other projects include systems to satisfy emergent energy requirements in industrial automation, computational infrastructure, electrification and distributed energy.

ADACEN Subsidiary Logo_white.png

ADACEN is a specialized data center operator and data solutions provider that is deploying cutting edge technology and infrastructure optimized for:

1) maximum infrastructure resiliency & security,
2) substantial efficiencies enabling lean operations, and
3) next-generation performance & scalability.

Central to ADACEN’s deployment model is securing each of these next generation data centers with pre-grid power. Building in utility-scale power sources that are directly connected to the infrastructure enables long-term data center operations during periods of grid failure or denial.
Enter MAD Energy – MAD Energy has entered an exclusive contract as ADACEN’s Power Integrator wherein MAD will provide a clean, stabilizing power supply for the rollout of a global network of ADACEN data center infrastructure.

FBLNG Subsidiary Logo_White.png

Firebird LNG is developing the first liquefied natural gas facility and associated infrastructure in the Suriname-Guyana Basin. Firebird LNG was formed as a partnership between Phoenix Development Company (“PDC”) and MAD Energy, LP (“MAD”). PDC has secured exclusive rights from Surinamese parastatals to develop infrastructure within a designated Special Economic Zone (“SEZ”). The SEZ is a greenfield 1,500-hectare site that has been dedicated for the development of a deep-water port and associated energy infrastructure.

The project, now entering its fourth year of development, has received all necessary permits and approvals by the Surinamese government for immediate construction. As a result, Firebird LNG exhibits the fastest timeline for a greenfield LNG facility globally, and the most direct path to alleviating the current energy crisis in Europe. Initially capacity is forecasted at ~4 million tonnes per annum (“MTPA”) with further capacity expansion under consideration.

MAD Energy is supporting the commercialization of next generation quantum resilient encryption technology across multiple sectors, including data security, wireless transmission technology, fintech and industrial, commercial and IoT control.

Quantum Wave

Quantum Wave is working to deliver electrical power around the world safely, efficiently and reliably by harnessing a physical phenomenon known as the Zenneck Surface Wave. The Zenneck Surface Wave creates a safe electromagnetic field allowing the efficient transmission of electrical energy. Transmission probes launch the surface wave from anywhere power can be generated. Then, wireless receivers are placed anywhere power is needed.


For example, a transmission probe can be placed next to a geothermal power generation plant in Iceland. Through Quantum Wave technology now in development, that energy may sometime soon be able to be transmitted directly to receivers in southern Africa, or any other location globally.

Quantum Wave’s proprietary technology, backed by hundreds of issued patents, provides a new means of safe, clean and efficient power delivery.

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